It’s winter. The nights are long and cold, the first snow has started to fall. At this time of year it can be particularly easy to lose focus.

Your strong sense of motivation which you might have had just a few months earlier can dissipate like snowflakes on your sleeve.

What you need, at this time of year, are some good old fashioned motivational quotes.

With 11 of our best T-shirts, you can keep yourself motivated and keep quotes close to your heart, literally.

See if any of these will help you beat those winter blues:

1. Don’t Wait for Opportunity, Create It

To kick off the top 11, we start with this “Don’t Wait for Opportunity, Create It” t-shirt. This is one of the greatest quotes of all time and speaks so much truth.

It’s bound to get you up and out of bed on those frosty mornings and heading into the office like you just might have a plan.

"Don't Wait for Opportunity, Create It" T-Shirt (Black)

2. Well Begun is Half Done

This “Well Begun is Half Done” T-shirt features a quote from famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle. If an ancient Greek genius doesn’t get you motivated, we’re not sure anything will.

We all find that the hardest part of the battle is getting started. But once you’re off, there’s no stopping you!

"Well Begun is Half Done" by Aristotle T-Shirt (Black)

3. Ideas are Shit, Execution is the Game

This slogan isn’t likely to be stuck on the wall of your boss’s office – but who cares?

Ideas are Shit, Execution is the Game,” has all the attitude you need to make it. Maybe it’s not quite safe for work, but it is perfect when you’re sitting down, trying to get some of those ideas you’ve got down on paper.

The gaming artwork on this tee makes it even more popular, reminding you to play hard in order to get that win.

"Ideas are Shit, Execution is the Game" T-Shirt (Black)

4. Hard Work Beats Talent

This is totally true, “Hard Work Beats Talent.” Even with tonnes of natural talent, if someone doesn’t put the graft in, they won’t succeed by themselves.

Wear this t-shirt on days to keep you pushing on. Don’t look to others and worry about what they have, that you don’t.

With time, effort and dedication – you can do anything and this T-shirt agrees.

"Hard Work Beats Talent" T-Shirt (Black)

5. Face the Future, Don’t Fear It

It’s easy in this day and age to convince yourself that the worst is going to happen. But with a t-shirt telling you to “Face the Future, Don’t Fear It,” you can brace yourself for anything.

With the likes of Brexit and Trump on the cards at the moment, it might seem easier to shy away from what’s coming, but with the right attitude we can shape our own futures.

That’s what this quote is telling us.

"Face the Future, Don't Fear It" White T-Shirt (Black)

6. Move Fast & Break Things

This one is just short, snappy and sick…”Move Fast & Break Things.”

Some days we just need to get a fire in our bellies and get stuff done. Forget finesse, forget the strict rules and guidelines and just go for it. With this t-shirt on, you can embrace and enjoy your own ability to be carefree.

Whilst we don’t recommend you go too mad, having an opportunity to let your hair down and just do you, is what life is all about.

"Move Fast & Break Things" T-Shirt (Black)

7. Skills are Cheap, Passion is Priceless

Skills are Cheap, Passion is Priceless,” keeps the motivation levels high.

Some people may pay a lot of money to go to schools, colleges, universities, etc, to gain an education. But education does not provide people with passion.

No grades will give you the “get up and go” attitude needed or the ability to put the time in. When you’re born with a passion for something, no-one can pay anything to get that same passion for themselves.

"Skills are Cheap, Passion is Priceless" T-Shirt (Black)

8. Working 9 to 5 is for the Weak

If you’re building your own empire, you’ll be working longer hours than 9 to 5.

The working day is growing for entrepreneurs everywhere. In a New York Enterprise Report (2016), it was revealed that over 50% of small business owners work between 50-60 hours per week.

So whilst you may feel tired, remember you are not alone and that is exactly what this t-shirt is saying. You are strong and you will succeed.

"Working 9-5 is for the Weak" T-Shirt (Black)

9. Build Trust Not Links

In this digital age, it’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed by numbers: likes, friends, connections, backlinks for your SEO campaign and more.

Build Trust Not Links,” is a quote that keeps us real. There is absolutely nothing more valuable to your credibility, to your business and to yourself than building trust and relationships, in real life.

Build Trust, Not Links Black SEO T-Shirt

10. Fast is Fine, But Accuracy is Everything

This motivational quote should be applied on those days when you’re struggling to get those quick wins.

Fast is Fine, But Accuracy is Everything,” reminds us that no matter what happens, a job done quickly but poorly isn’t worth doing at all.

Take your time, relax and enjoy what you do and you will find that it is invaluable to your development and growth, not to mention you’ll have happier customers every time.

"Fast is Fine but Accuracy is Everything" T-Shirt (Black)

11. Passion Never Fails

You can’t force something if you’re not passionate, that’s why this quote, “Passion Never Fails” is one of the best motivational tees we have.

Paired with the target graphic, it reminds you to find focus on those tough days. Find willing. Find power. But most of all, be grateful that you have passion for what you do. Because when you have passion for your work, it’s not hard work at all.

"Passion Never Fails" T-Shirt (Black)

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