Colour Psychology in eCommerce

Have you ever wondered what makes one online business more profitable than the other, yet they are both dealing with the same products or services?

What if I told you that colour is one of the answers to this mysterious puzzle?

However subtle we think of it, colour has significant effects on how we identify with things, and brands. Entrepreneurs are ever on the lookout for the next big thing that will propel their business to the next level and make them better than their competitors.

Webpreneurs have discovered that colour psychology in eCommerce plays a crucial role in converting visitors to their websites into paying clients.

Market research shows that carefully chosen colour s would lead to an increased customers conversion rate.

If you are a savvy consumer, a prosumer or an entrepreneur, understanding how colour motifs affect your shopping decisions and the overall buying behaviour will ultimately go a long way in building strong brand identities.

Well, to understand this concept, let us first understand what colour psychology is before we go to other juicier parts.

What is Colour Psychology?

The way colour influences the judgment of an individual as well as the decision he or she makes is known as colour psychology.

If you are conversant with the concept of colour psychology, you can use that knowledge to make your brand relevant to the prospective customers which will undoubtedly accelerate your sales.

The knowledge will give you a way to forecast how the prospective customers will react to your promotional message according to the colour scheme you choose.

Why Colours Affect our Psychology and Decision Making

Colour is perhaps the most powerful tool and method of design. Colour evokes emotions.

Your choice of colour determines the mood in almost every aspect: It could be in the morning as you decide on your outfit that will keep you looking good and comfortable throughout the day; the perfect curtains to use in the conference room to bring about cheerfulness at work; the perfect colour for a gift you want to get a friend; or the that killer website colour to sell your brand and increase your customer conversion rates.

Actually, the list is endless. Also, I bet that everyone, has favourite colours that influence their preference when purchasing items. Basically, the choice of colour we choose determines our perspective and mood towards something.

How Colours Affect Our Psychology and Decision-Making Process

Colour is one of the significant factors that affect our ability to make decisions as well as our perspectives towards certain aspects of life.

In different circumstances, we have given meanings to the different colours. These different meanings play a significant role in our psychological decision-making especially when we are faced with the challenge of choosing a product or several products among a wide range of them which have varying colours.

Here are some meanings that we have ascribed to the different colours. The meanings have become too substantial to be disputed.

Red – rather exciting and enhances some action
Green – growth
Orange – positivity/ optimism
Yellow – cheerfulness and intellect
Blue – the colour of trust and integrity
White – an indicator of purity, innocence, peace, and efficiency.
Brown – wealth and secure
Black – shows mystery, sophistication and wealth

How You Can Use Colour in eCommerce to Convert Visitors into Paying Clients

Use orange to show positivity and excitement

Orange causes a burst of energy. It will get your potential clients excited and enthusiastic about buying your products or services on your eCommerce website.

An orange themed eCommerce will get your customers thrilled and will also realise the urgency associated with getting a particular item.

It is also a subtly bold colour to highlight a buy/sell call to action. Use it sparingly since too much of it is likely to distract customers.

Use white to indicate peace, innocence, purity

White is a dominant colour that indicates peace, innocence, purity, and efficiency.

White will make a very positive and powerful impact on your audience as it is very welcoming.

In most cases, white colour is used as a background shade since you can be sure that it will blend easily with almost any other colour.

Use green in projects associated with versatility and growth

Green and nature are almost synonymous. It is basically a colour that is closely associated with versatility and growth.

Green is quite common on environmentally conscious websites. Having green in your eCommerce site, it will increase your clients’ confidence in your eCommerce site, and in turn, they will be more willing to purchase the products or services displayed on your website.

It can also be a great colour to amp-up the sales for eco-friendly products

Use black to attract customers looking at opulence

Black has the effect of attracting customers looking at opulence. It is majestic, powerful and sleek.

If your website focuses on expensive and exotic items, black will be an excellent visual cue. It will give your clients a confident vibe. Almost everything expensive and exotic is best packaged in black.

Use yellow to indicate cheerfulness and positivity

Yellow (sun’s colour ) is associated with optimism, cheerfulness, and warmth.

If you use it on your website, your clients will be excited about purchasing items as the yellow colour will bring a sense of happiness and excitement to your site.

It is a great colour to grab the attention of first-time visitors due to its youthful and optimistic vibe. If you are targeting young, bold and free-spirited clientele, yellow will work magic in converting your numbers to sales.

Use brown to instill confidence

The brown colour is dependable and very outstanding. If you use it in your eCommerce website, it will instill confidence in the shoppers and make them reassured of the items that you are selling.

If well fused, you can be sure that it will bring more customers on board.


With the rapid growth and competition in eCommerce, entrepreneurs are coming up with new, reliable and workable ideas to grow their websites. This helps them to compete favourably in the industry as they all work towards being the best.

Colour psychology is one of the emerging marketing trends in eCommerce to communicate and sell brands, and most of the entrepreneurs are embracing it without hesitation.

If only you learn how to articulate the colours in your web page in a way that your prospective customers / clients get impressed by the message you intend to pass, you will have gained success in your eCommerce venture.

Take your time to decide on what colour to use on your website and watch your sales skyrocket.

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